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Meet Dr. Daniel J. Agona

Dr. Daniel J. Agona is passionate about providing high quality health care at the Agona Center of Wellness by utilizing state of the art wellness therapies and products designed to meet your individual needs.

Dr. Daniel J. Agona has been a wellness practitioner since 1996 when he started his own practice in White Oak, Pennsylvania. Dr. Agona interacts with other members of the healthcare community to ensure that the Agona Center of Wellness is providing the newest technologies and therapies for your health and wellness.

Dr. Daniel J. Agona, DC is the owner of the Agona Center Of Wellness. The Agona Center of Wellness' mission is to help you achieve your wellness goals by helping you relieve everyday stresses (physical, chemical, and emotional). Our wellness center aids you in optimizing your health, so you can enjoy activities with family & friends which matters the most!


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