Novo Massage Chair

The Novo Massage Chair is the leader of high-performance massage chairs, taking you to ergonomic zero gravity, and targeted massage that rejuvenates the mind and body. With a mission to help people feel better each and every day. The Novo Massage Chair allows customization of both massage technology and ergonomic settings for your own perfect experience, every single time!

Novo Massage Reviews

"Great Massage! Feels great and gives the perfect massage."

"I'm loving this chair. Perfect amount of pressure for me."

"Wonderful Chair!"

"This chair helped me de-stress and would highly recommend."

"This chair is awesome!"

"It feels so great on the feet. It is so relaxing I start to doze off sometimes."

"Nice Massage: This chair is seriously amazing"

"This chair hurts so good. Anyone who loves a good massage will love this chair!"


"It's Great! The zero gravity is the best part, it makes the massage so much better."